Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stuff I Like: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for the series. I get some flak for liking it- something usually to the effect of "It's just a rehashed MW2, doofus. Enjoy playing in 2009."

I like the entire modern warfare series- all three titles have the "first person cinema" going on (I will admit: that snippet is from a review I read). Something like the Half Life series, but without so much sci-fi and with more run-and-gun-and-flashbang action.

I actually preordered on Steam, so I got the original Modern Warfare (why did they remove lean from the later titles? It was so useful.) as a bonus- the way I see it.

It is sixty dollars, which is quite the commitment, I'll admit. If anyone else has MW3 for the PC, I need some help. I am terrible at pretty much everything FPS. I'm learning, but the curve is steep. I'm lucky to get a 1:1 Kill:Death ratio.

I personally favor a few weapons- the Dragunov, and the SCAR. Silenced weapons are useful, and the red dot is more potent then I previously thought. I'm told I should consider the M82/Barrett, but I am not yet sure.

I've crippled myself in terms of perks, though- I like the Sleight/Quickdraw/Stalker combination- reload, aim, and strafe quickly? When you go pro with all those perks, you become a very nimble, efficient warrior. If you add the possibility of Kicker or Impact proficiencies, you end up with what I feel is pretty much a point-and-click class.

If you think you can lend me a hand, drop me a comment!


  1. Hm.. Well maybe sometime I'll play a few matches with you, broski. Although I'll admit I'm no pro myself!

  2. I heard totalbiscuit thinks its rubbish. Because the FOV is terribly low and it gives him a tummy ache.

  3. I was a pretty big fan of Modern Warfare 2, despite not owning any of the games previously (save for CoD 1) but I think that Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 are not pushing the system enough.

    As for perks help, I can't say I know what to do there. I haven't played much of MW3 to be giving advice.


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